About SMK3

SMK3 is a family-owned, urban apparel brand. The name SMK3 is a reference to three founding siblings, each holding the initials - SMK. 

SMK3 as a family business was conceptualized many years ago but transformed into a vision and purpose in 2020 while the world was experiencing isolation from quarantine and at the height of racial tension surrounding inequities for people of color. During quarantine and time of reflection, we decided three things are essential for our family:

  1. we must love and respect all cultures just as we love and respect each other;
  2. we must never forget our roots and what makes us divinely unique and special; and
  3. we must learn to write our own stories – grow our own businesses – and live our own truth. Boldly, proudly, and unapologetically.
Our passion for unique design and love of culture brought SMK3 to life. With only one desk and lots of free time, our urban apparel brand was carefully created and launched in 2021, for cultures of color. The creative designs of SMK3 are expressed through the eyes of each sibling. Each member will design their own individual collection. To begin, we are proud to launch the AF Collection where culture + bold representation = truth!  
    We believe in quality, care, and creating products that everyone can enjoy - products that are colorful, creative with unique design. Inspired by the culture that we see every day, each product represents you. We hope SMK3 will inspire you love hard, celebrate boldly, and write your own story!