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The word culture means ‘a way of life.’ While it might seem like a simple word, it is in fact a heavy word that serves as an umbrella to many aspects. As a basic construct, culture is the beliefs, values, traditions, art, language, and behaviors of a specific community.

For SMK3, culture is the fabric of everyday existence. It is the confidence and the freedom to express yourself and be original. And to represent yourself boldly - unapologetically.

Let’s talk about fashion.

Many people argue what fashion is - Is it clothes? Is it art? Is it different from style? Here at SMK3, we believe that fashion is a way to express yourself creatively. Fashion is something that speaks for us, just like a language. Whatever you adorn; every single piece of item that you wear represents you. Not only does apparel provide self-affirmation and confidence, but it also acts as a visual cue for others, giving them an idea of who you are and what you represent.

So, what happens when you mix culture and fashion? You get Culture-Inspired Fashion!

SMK3 - Bringing Culture and Fashion Together
When you bring culture and fashion together, you get – SMK3. We are a family-owned brand invested in maintaining and preserving the heritage, pride, authenticity, honesty, and originality of different cultures through urban apparel.
We offer a modern twist on cultural fashion. Our apparel is designed for a bold and trendy representation of cultural identity. For SMK3, design moves beyond visual aesthetics to material, comfort, cut, and style that speaks directly to urban culture. We believe that the apparel you wear should embody unique individual style.  

Why We Create Culture Inspired Apparel
SMK3 aims to create the most high-quality and comfortable cultural inspired apparel that will give you immense pride when wearing it. You may be wondering what led us to start doing this. Well, here’s why we do what we do.

Cultural Pride
We are all products of our culture. Our very existence and being must be accredited to the place that we belong. By wearing our apparel, you show others what it means to have cultural and racial pride. You show them the immense love and appreciation you have for your cultural heritage and roots – but also the respect and admiration that you have for other cultures. In short, you claim the utmost pride and honor of belonging to your culture while celebrating others. 

We believe that our apparel represents uniqueness. It acknowledges the power of being different yet celebrates cultural commonalities. We may belong to different cultures, speak different languages, and eat different food, but at the end of the day, we all share a similar story. When different culturally diverse communities come together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish!

Beyond the Stereotypes
People belonging to different cultures are tired of being stereotyped. Everywhere you go, there is a particular image of who you’re supposed to be. People judge you based on what they think about the culture you belong to, rather than seeing you for who you really are. Our apparel aims to empower you to own and represent your culture. It gives you permission to stand tall with confidence.

“Don’t let others define who you are. Define yourself.”

- SMK3

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